How do I set up WPA and WPA-PSK security on D-Link 604T?

WPA offers a superior level of WiFi security than WEP.

True implementation of WPA requires an authentication server via Radius or similar. Because of this, a further extension of WPA known as WPA-PSK (WPA-Pre Shared Key) has been built into the D-Link 604T and supported client devices.




To enable WPA-PSK (Wifi Protected Access) on the D-Link DSL-604T through the Wireless Menu, follow these steps.

  • Connect through Ethernet first and make sure you can surf the internet
  • Log into the modem's HTML  interface
  • Click Wireless
  • Select WPA from the Security options to enable the Encryption Protocol
  • Check that Access Point is enabled
  • The SSID can be modified from the default if you wish.
  • The default channel in a G604T is set to 6.  The channel can be modified to improve performance if there are many Wireless LANs in the area
  • 'Group Key Interval' is how often the WPA key is rotated in seconds.  Default is one hour (3600 seconds)
  • If you have RADIUS or similar you can select 802.1X authentication and supply appropriate details. If not you should select either PSK-Hex or PSK-String and insert appropriate details (in hex format or plain text string format as appropriate)
  • Telecom recommends the use of Strings (for simplicity).  They must not be less than 8 or greater than 40 characters in length
  • Make a note of this key (password). We recommend use of copy/paste where possible to retain accuracy

Note that all client network cards must also support WPA-PSK and be configured appropriately.

  • Click Apply
  • Click Tools > System
  • Click Save & Reboot

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Answer Setting up WPA and WPA-PSK security on D-Link G604T

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