Change LAN Settings - Technicolor modems

Due to architectural requirements for assigning a DHCP pool based IP address to the content sharing feature of the modem, changing the IP address of the modem and its associated DHCP pool requires accessing the modem and processing some commands via Telnet.

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Before you begin
  • You must set a static IP address on your PC
  • Make sure no other devices are connected to the modem via DHCP
  • Check Telnet has been installed
  1. Log into the Technicolor modem interface  Image
  2. Click Home Network in the left-hand menu and select Interfaces
  3. Click Local Network 
  4. Click Configure in the top-right corner
  5. Unselect Use DHCP Server and click Apply
  6. Click Add under DHCP Pools
  7. Open a Command Prompt (i.e. Start Menu, Run and type cmd in Windows XP) 
  8. Input Telnet and press Enter
  9. Input Administrator and press Enter twice
  10. Input dhcp server lease flush and press Enter
  11. Input saveall when you return to the Administrator prompt and press Enter
  12. Return to your browser
  13. Refresh the Local Network page
    • The DHCP pool should now have Edit beside it
  14. Click Edit
  15. Input the following information into the appropriate fields:
    • Start Address: The first address to be assigned
    • End Address: The last address to be assigned
    • Server: The new IP address
    • Gateway: The new IP address
    • Subnet: The new subnet mask
  16. Click Apply
  17. Wait for the Local Network Overview page to load
  18. Click Configure
  19. In the IP addresses sub-section:
    • Click Edit beside
  20. Input the appropriate information into the following fields:
    • IP address: The IP address you entered in Step 15
    • Mask: The subnet mask you entered in Step 15
  21. Select Use DHCP Server
  22. Click Apply
  23. Change your LAN settings to Obtain an IP address automatically

Your PC should now get an IP address off the modem from your new DHCP pool that matches the IP address of the modem and you should be able to access the internet as per normal.

Optional: The following steps only need to be applied if you intend using the 'Content Sharing' feature of the modem.

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Enter Telnet and press Enter
  3. Enter Administrator and press Enter twice
  4. Enter dhcp server lease add clientid=$_LMACADDR pool=LAN_private addr={Some address in your new pool} leasetime=0 and press Enter
  5. When you return to the Administrator prompt, enter saveall and press Enter   
  6. Enter system reboot and press Enter 
  7. Wait for the modem to reboot

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Answer Change LAN Settings - Technicolor modems

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