WPS Security Risk - Technicolor TG582n, TG585v8, and TG797n

We have been advised that some Telecom-supplied modems may have a security risk, that have WPS enabled by default:

  • Thomson TG585
  • Technicolor TG582n
  • Technicolor TG797n

Recently an exploit was identified with WPS, where with a combination of software tools and hardware/drivers, the WPS pin code facility could be exploited to generate the security key of a modem. WPS pin codes are a mandatory requirement for modems complying with Wi-Fi forum standards, therefore most current modems could potentially be compromised.

Currently, modem manufacturers are evaluating and taking steps to nullify this exploit. Until new firmware is available, you may use the telnet commands below to disable WPS functionality on the Technicolor TG585v8, TG582n, and TG797n modems (other Technicolor modems do not have WPS enabled).

Disabling WPS - TG585, TG582n, and TG797n

  1. Load the Command Prompt
    • Generic instructions (Windows 98 and above)
      • Hold the Windows key and press R
      • Type cmd
      • Press Enter
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 7 or Windows Vista
      • Click the Windows button
      • Type cmd
      • Press Enter
    • Windows XP
      • Click Start
      • Click Run
      • Type cmd
      • Press Enter
  2. Type telnet and press Enter (this assumes the modem's IP address has not been changed)
    • If you receive an error 'telnet' is not recognized ... this may mean that telnet is not installed on your computer. Click Windows 8, Windows 7 for installation instructions.
  3. At the Username prompt, input Administrator
  4. Press Enter (or the Username if it has been changed)
  5. At the Password prompt
  6. Press Enter (or the Password if it has been changed)
  7. Input wireless wps config state=disabled
  8. Press Enter
  9. Input saveall
  10. Press Enter

WPS functionality will now now disabled. To re-enable WPS functionality, repeat the above process and replace state=disabled with state=enabled in Step 5.

For non-Telecom modems, please contact your vendor for WPS support.

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Answer WPS Security Risk - Technicolor TG582n, TG585v8, and TG797n

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