Samsung Galaxy 550 (GT-I5503) - Software update

There is a new version of software available to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy 550 (GT-I5503) to Android 2.2 (Froyo) using the Kies computer software that came with your device or by downloading this from the Samsung website.  

If you have already upgraded to Froyo on your device, this new version also contains 

  • fix for an issue with replying to sms (txt) messages sent from a short code, being able to opt out of receiving messages you had previously signed up for
  • fit an intermittent bug with soft keys becoming unresponsive while in a phone call, the # key needed to access your voicemail.

Once you have Kies software installed and open you are able to watch a tutorial on how to upgrade the software.

  1. Open the Kies software on your PC
  2. Check you are running the latest version of Kies
    • V1.5 - Click Kies > Update
    • V 2.02 - Click Help > Check for updates
  3. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable
  4. A message will appear on the phone screen saying Setting USB
  5. Select Kies and OK
  6. Kies will connect to the device and automatically check if there are any updates and prompt you to start the update if one is found.
  7. Click Update and follow the onscreen instructions
  8. If you are attempting to upgrade the device and your computer is connected through a proxy server or behind an firewall the upgrade may not commence, please try another internet connection (home or WiFi maybe)

Please note : Kies is not compatible on Apple computers.

Important: Please fully charge your phone and backup your contacts before updating.

We recommend that you complete this upgrade, but if you feel your phone is working how you want it to you may decide not to go ahead with this upgrade.  Should you change your mind you can upgrade at anytime.

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Answer Samsung Galaxy 550 (GT-I5503) - Software update

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