Top Up - Prepaid Voucher

There are a few ways you can top up your phone with your Prepaid Top Up voucher.

Things to know

Once you have Topped up your phone, the credit will be valid for 12 months from when you first purchase the voucher. If you don't add credit to your phone within 12 months, your prepaid account will become inactive and any unused credit will expire. So all you need to do is simply Top-up your mobile at least once every 12 months to keep your prepaid account and phone number active.

Smartphone App

  1. Tap Imageon your smartphone
  2. Tap Image
  3. Tap Top Up
  4. Enter your mobile number or another Spark mobile number you wish to Top Up
  5. Enter Voucher number
  6. Tap Top Up
  7. A confirmation message Top Up Successful will display

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From your Smartphone

  1. Select Imageon your mobile
  2. Select Top Up a Mobile
  3. Select Top Up by Voucher
  4. Enter the mobile number
  5. Enter Voucher number
  6. Select Top Up .

From any Browser (PC, Mobile, Tablet)

  1. Go to your Browser
  2. In the address bar type:
  3. Enter your Mobile Number
  4. Enter your Password
  5. Select Top Up a Mobile
  6. Select Top Up by Voucher
  7. Enter the mobile number
  8. Enter Voucher Number
  9. Select Top Up

If you have not registered to MyMobile

  1. Go to your Browser
  2. In the address bar type:
  3. Select Send New Password

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  1. Dial 0800 32 32 32 or *333 from your mobile
  2. Select 1 for Top Up
  3. Enter your mobile number
  4. Select 1 up by voucher number 
  5. Use the keypage to enter  voucher number

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