Yahoo Xtra webmail - CAPTCHA code

When you log in to your Yahoo Xtra Xtra Webmail, you may be presented with a CAPTCHA code like the one below. You will need to read and enter the code exactly as it is displayed in the CAPTCHA image to login to your Webmail.

Why do I have to enter a CAPTCHA code?
The CAPTCHA code is a security measure designed to make sure that access to the webmail is being done by a human. This is normally triggered by excessive incorrect login attempts which could be caused by malicious software or a person trying to access your account.
By making you read text in an image or listen to a sound and type it into a box, you are doing something that a computer would not be able to do. While this method does not stop another human attempting access, it prevents large scale automated attacks on accounts.

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Sample CAPTCHA code


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Answer Yahoo Xtra webmail - CAPTCHA code

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