Connecting to Fibre Broadband - TG587n V3

To receive a fibre broadband service, your home must have a fibre cable connection.

To set up your fibre broadband connection you must use a Windows or Mac computer with an ethernet port and a web browser. Due to the length of the cables supplied, you must set up close to the fibre termination port. Once your fibre broadband is working, you can unplug the ethernet cable and use the modem's wireless (WiFi) network.

  1. Connect Modem to ONT
    Connect one end of the red tipped fibre ethernet cable into the red WAN port in the modem and the other into the port labelled GE1 in the fibre ONT
  2. Connect Modem to Phone Socket (Optional) 
    If you want to use your Fibre modem to connect to an ADSL instead of Fibre, follow the steps below:
    • Connect the ADSL filter to the phone socket - do not use extension cords as they harm broadband stability and speed
    • If you use a telephone, fax machine, etc at the same phone socket, connect the device to the Phone socket in the filter
    • Connect the ADSL cable into the ADSL socket in the filter
    • Connect the other end of the ADSL cable into the grey coloured modem power marked DSL
  3. Connect Modem to Computer
    Connect the yellow tipped ethernet cable to the Gigabit LAN port on the modem (the rightmost yellow socket) and to your computer's ethernet port.
  4. Power Up
    Connect the power supply as shown below and turn both the outlet and modem on
    Note: Make sure you use the power supply that comes with your modem. Using the wrong supply could damage your modem and void the warranty.
  5. Check Modem Lights
    Wait for the modem's lights to come on (this can take up to five minutes)
    The lights should be as follows:
    • ECO and Broadband: Solid Green
    • Internet and Ethernet: Solid or Blinking Green
      Note: The TG587n V3 does not have a dedicated power light.
Basic Connection Troubleshooting

If the Ethernet light is off, check your yellow tipped ethernet cable is securely and correctly connected.

If the Eco light is

  • Off: The TG587n V3 is powered off, check Step 3
  • Blinking Red: The TG587n V3 is starting up, please wait
  • Solid Red: Some services are not available, check the other lights to see which service has a problem
  • Solid Blue: The TG587n V3 is working fine, but the WiFi is turned off
    Note: You can press the Eco light to turn WiFi on

If the Broadband light is off, check the red tipped fibre ethernet cable is securely and correctly connected. If after checking the Broadband light remains off or starts flashing, please contact the Telecom Broadband Helpdesk on 0800 22 55 98.

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