Technicolor TG582n - Unable to reset modem

If at some point you can no longer connect to the Technicolor TG582n modem, or you want to make a fresh install, it is useful to perform a reset to factory defaults. When resetting this model the lights go out and then cycle back up green.

Important: Do not hold the button down until a red light comes on. Holding down the reset button for too long (18-20 seconds) will put the modem into a "receive new firmware" mode and an orange light will appear. This will lock most of the ports. If this happens turn the modem off for a minute before attempting the reset process.

Reset via the Reset Button
  1. Make sure the Technicolor TG582n modem is turned on
  2. Take a paperclip or pin and push the RESET button down for between 7 and 10 seconds
  3. When the lights on the Technicolor TG582n modem turns off release the reset button
  4. The lights will then cycle back up green

Note: It may take up to 5 minutes to re-establish a broadband connection. And once the reset is complete, all of your wireless clients will have to be reconnected back to the modem.

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Answer Technicolor TG582n - Unable to reset modem

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