Reset your modem to factory settings - Thomson TG585

There are two ways to reset your modem to factory settings: pushing the Reset button on the modem and using the interface to perform the factory reset.

If you factory reset your modem, it clears all custom settings, such as port forwarding, security or wireless settings. If you have a special setup, remember to make a note of the settings before you factory reset your modem, and remember to re-apply them afterwards.


Reset via your modem
  1. Use a pen or paper clip to push the Reset Button on the back panel of the modem
  2. Hold down for 5-10 seconds
  3. Release when the Power light turns Red
Reset via the modem interface
  1. Log into the TG585 modem interface  Image
  2. Select Thomson Gateway from the Main Menu
  3. Click Configuration
  4. Under Pick a task... click Reset my Thomson Gateway (TG585v8)
    Return to Factory Default Settings (TG585v7) link
    Note: It will take approximately 1 minute

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Answer Reset your modem to factory settings - Thomson TG585

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