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  1. I don't have any coverage, what do I do?
    Did you know a fully charged battery will give you better coverage?    If your phone hasn’t worked in the area you are having trouble in check the 4G Coverage   to see if you are in a...
    Date Updated: 13/08/2014
  2. Limited coverage
    Limited coverage means that your mobile experience may not be as good as it could be. You should still be able to get a signal in limited coverage areas.  If you can't, try taking your mobile...
    Date Updated: 16/12/2014
  3. Activate your iPhone
    There are two ways to activate your iPhone, one is by using iTunes and the other method is using a WiFi internet connection. To activate your iPhone using iTunes you need to download and install the...
    Date Updated: 05/12/2014
  4. Change GPS Settings - Android Mobile
    GPS is one of the fastest ways to drain your battery, because your device is constantly refreshing its location. For most versions of Android, the instructions below will apply. If the steps...
    Date Updated: 19/03/2014
  5. Telecom R203 Support
    Back to all Mobile Devices Getting Started About How To Guides Features Updates Getting Started We want you to have the best experience on our smartphone network. Here you will...
    Date Updated: 10/06/2014
  6. PDF document Manual network selection - Garmin Asus A10.pdf
    Date Updated: 08/08/2014
  7. HTML document Spark Mobile Coverage
    Date Updated: 16/10/2014
  8. Cel-Fi Smart Repeater Updated
    About Features How to Buy About The Cel-Fi Smart repeater is designed to improve indoor voice quality and increased data speeds for 3G consumers that are in fringe or limited coverage. The...
    Date Updated: 23/01/2015
  9. Paging service and pricing
    With Spark's range of pager services, you can choose a service to suit your budget and accessibility needs. These range from a Spark operator personal answer service with detailed messages, to a...
    Date Updated: 10/06/2014
  10. 4G Updated
    Not up to speed with 4G? Browse, mutitask & upload faster. Smoother & clearer video calling & watching! Get 4G Ready! 4G Coverage Good To Know Speeds will vary depending on your device...
    Date Updated: 08/01/2015
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